Founded in 1984 and based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Nut is a leading importer and distributor of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, confectionary products, snacks and other related products in Canada and the US. Canada Nut has recently expanded into confectionery manufacturing in Canada.

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Market News and Insights

West Coast Ports

The number of vessels due to dock at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach is increasing as labor slowdowns at West Coast port terminals have impacted supply chain operations, from trucks to rails and ocean carriers.

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Southern Outlook

A series of deep low-pressure areas dropped down the West Coast through May 11th bringing scattered showers to the area at times and well below normal temperatures. The snow level was around 6,000 feet with several inches of new snow over both the Sierra and the Southern California Mountains.

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California Almond​

The almond bloom began in the middle of February and peaked at the end of the month. Record level rainfall and unprecedented stormy conditions impacted pollination. Limited bee flight hours were reported in all growing regions.

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